Baahubali: Part I|2017

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With the barbarian war ended in the victory of the “xi shi mordecai, according to the performance of the battlefield, shiva ng m queen mother (ram, krishnan) chose adopted armagh orchid, huo Della Barry (para buss) as the crown prince of the kingdom. The final task before the coronation was to visit the kingdom, to examine the grievances of his subjects and to understand the trials of his subjects. At the same time, the queen has tried her best to satisfy all the needs of her parent-child ballard radars (nara da Cuba), hoping to curb his greed and balance his brother’s relationship.

In a small country called khundala, barhopalli came across the beauty and sword of the princess (anushuka shetty), the princess of the sword, and immediately became a man of heaven, unable to extricate herself. General katapa (satyara) had a brainchild, and he made bajobari a fool to approach the princess, and in the midst of all the fun, the relationship grew. At this time, the queen of shavami sent a man to kundara for his son, who was rejected by the devas. One night, when the barbarians invaded kundara, the fate of the kingdom was at stake, and he was like a soldier who would fight off the enemy with his gout. At this time, the furious sivajami sent a message to bahubari, to take the prisoner back to the country as a prisoner.

When he returned home, the situation suddenly changed, and how would the empress downed his disrespectful tigress? Will ballard DE baladde accept his defeat? How did he get to the end of his life? All this will be told in a quarter of a century from katapapa to the son of amarandra bhopalli, the child of the mahindra barhopalli (pallas). In the face of an unprecedented and powerful enemy, the mahindra has to write the ending for this story and this history.

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