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The isolation of a closed in the barn, Anna (Laura Van der walt Laura Vandervoort), Ryan Paul (Paul brown, Stan Braunstein), mickey (Mandela Van Peebles Mandela Van Peebles) and Carrie (Brittany Allen Brittany Allen) waking from a coma. Their heads were shackled by strange devices, and the iron chains on their necks were connected to the iron gates with circular saws. Under the instructions of the jigsaw, they will undergo a life-or-death test of the marrow, and plead guilty to death.

In the busy city, frequent dead bodies in a variety of ways, all common feature points to the homicide puzzle maker – was supposed to die in ten years ago the jigsaw John kramer (Tobin Bell Bell Tobin). Vertical saws are undead, giving back to the druid the pain of punishment and trial…

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