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Shi yu, the fund manager of the securities firm, is a polished, but also a heavy – hearted person. His wife broke up with her, and daughter xiuan (Kim xiuan) was increasingly frustrated with her selfish father and decided to go to busan and her mother. On xiuan’s birthday, shiyu took time to accompany his daughter on the express train to busan. At the same time, there were very suspicious riots in the city. The government’s efforts to whitewash the dead have not been able to hide the fact that even ignorant train passengers have fallen into the panic and despair of their arrival. As she drove, an infected person rushed into the car, and she quickly changed her body and bloodied the healthy people in her eyes. Before long, the zombies grew exponentially. Shiyu and the survivors were forced to survive in cramped space.

The long journey to busan is full of killing machines, and the human nature of every survivor is also severely tested…

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