Game of Thrones Season 4|2014

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Story to the fourth quarter, king joffrey grissom Jack Gleeson (Jack) and “rose” margarita (Natalie’s Natalie Dormer) of the upcoming grand wedding, “red snake” marte (Pedro Pedro Pascal Pascal) were invited to come to the capital, however, and family has a great hatred lannister purpose of his visit is not pure.

Camera to the north, savage onslaught to protect the Great Wall of hundreds of thousands of night watchman sackings, in Jon (Kit Kit Harington harrington), they were able to weather the crisis? Across the strait, “dragonmother about this” Danny Liz (amelia clark Emilia Clarke) led her way without scale of legion, emancipation innumerable, one side is the boundless sea, one side is more and more wild dragons, Danny Liz can eventually achieve their restoration dreams? Forest, brent (Isaac hope, – white Isaac was – Wright), a line of people face in addition to the cold and hunger, and from terror fort of track, on the other side, small Alicia (MaiQian Williams mother-of Williams) in dogs (Roy McCain Rory McCann) has been under the protection of growth in order to acquire the “man”, in their journey, and what happens to the danger? This season, while the bad guys are still doing their best, the good people are coming back, as the slogan says.

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