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The second season of HBO’s fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” is in full swing, and on Tuesday it officially confirmed the renewal of its third season. The show’s original author, George r. Martin, also revealed details about the upcoming third season.

George r.r. Martin is the original author of “game of thrones,” and he also controls the plot. “As in the first two seasons, the third season will be 10 episodes,” Martin said on his official blog for the upcoming third season. The third installment of the original novel, “A Storm of Swords,” will feature most or all of it in season 3 of the series.

George Martin’s novel “the song of ice and fire reading a surge of emotion surge, according to the adaptation of the novel series game of thrones, is also a great success, renew the second support began to broadcast in the third quarter, making it one of the creators of michelle roma bartholomew (Michael Lombardo) very bullish on the future of TV:” I hope he could take 20 years, the TV series, I promise unless the plot itself has come to the point where the end is, otherwise we won’t stop filming.”

The third season of “game of thrones” will begin filming in December, and may begin airing in mid-may next year.

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