Game of Thrones Season 2|2012

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“Game of thrones” is a medieval epic fantasy series. The series is based on the seven-part song of ice and fire by George r.r. Martin, an American writer.

After the death of eddard stark (Sean Bean), his eldest son, robb stark (Richard Madden), was the king of the north. Northern army led by robb stark and strength lannister mutual confrontation, the south boundary of renly soldier keeps in king’s landing zone, and unclear stannis, peoples as well as the iron islands of northwest above the black sea. The night watchman in the northern frontier and the barbarians in the outside world are dying. The mother of dragons dany Liz (amelia clark Emilia Clarke) with weak down archers composition, Lhasa, follow the tracks of the comet across the vast universe, toward the distant zionist cause. Winter will come, the cold wind will rise, and this continent will play a song of ice and fire…

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