Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.|2013

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The avengers, as well as the far-reaching New York war, are no longer the secret of folklore. After the battle of New York, the world is about to be reshuffled, and the wild ones are on the move, and SHIELD is facing unprecedented challenges. In this crisis, once reportedly died in New York agent phil coulson agents (Clark Gregg Clark Gregg) “resurrection”, absorb the special skills of the grant, ward (bret Dalton Brett Dalton), Melinda (Na Ming – Na Wen), Leo · fe (Ian De katz teck Iain De Caestecker), gemma simmons (Elizabeth heng QuJi Elizabeth Henstridge) organizations and non-governmental organizations from hackers make a rising tide of Skye (Chloe Bennett Chloe Bennet) join in.

With their own human power, they are engaged in all sorts of bizarre and dangerous investigations…

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