Miracles of the Namiya General Store|2017

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Adapted from the novel tolo keigo original “melancholy grocery store”, tells the story in a quiet street in the grocery store, I just write worry into shop front door shutter, the next day will be answered in the store after the milk box. One evening, the three body of young people in a stray ajie, wavelet, bunch ofred grapes into accident, didn’t open the time tunnel, from the first an advisory letter received from the past, in the process of constant reply and receiving, past links to the future, hesitated whether I should stick to music dream diez, whether the family and the perfect, whether should give up because of defaulted migrate harumi dancers work have made their choice from their letter advice, find the direction of the heart, casual also series of all of life. At the same time, the three young people also received answers to their confusion.

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