Nirvana in Fire 2|2017

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The play tells the story of xiao ping zhang, who was a student in langya, who was involved in the investigation of his elder brother Lin jun.

The great liang was safe, but the border was fighting. The long Lin army, which guards the northern part of the great liang, received military honors and was well known. In a northern border war, cabinet and records xun whitewater secretly break forward supply, war trapped long began vice handsome Xiao Pingzhang (huang xiaoming) seriously injured, learn skills in reed {langya} cabinet brother Xiao Ping continuous (Liu Haoran) were called down force. Thirty years ago, neighbouring night qin outbreak, girder for self-preservation sealing state road, puyang tassel (Guo Jingfei) for out for revenge against the lurking in the girder, and collaborating with reed {langya} the first masters, a list of countries in the east China sea Lord ink Zi hou, secretly collapse beam power and long kimi, two people in the capital were poisoned, epidemic from spreading quickly. Puyang zhu set up, make xiao ping jing and xiao pingzhang poisoning. At this time, the north was in urgent danger, xiao ping gave up the treatment, and went to the front to support the poisoning and died. Died a year later, the emperor liang, big chongqing invade girder, xun whitewater and laiyang wang xiao yuan qi (Wu Haochen) coax young emperor liang went, the border part, Xiao Ping continuous resistance purport to defeat ta yu, long Lin establishment, have been abolished. Xiao yuan qi and mo zi were secretly colluding, and traitors. Xiao ping was a soldier in the emergency, and went to the sandbox to rescue liang.

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