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The story is based on the famous world war ii military incident “Dunkirk evacuation”. In the early days of the second world war, 400, 000 British and French Allies were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, in a desperate situation facing the enemy. The British government and navy launched a large crew to mobilize the people to rescue the army.

British soldiers tommy (Mr Leon Whitehead Fionn Whitehead) have met in the process of fleeing the beach Gibson and alex, and civil ship owner Mr. Dawson (marc longs Mark Rylance) and Peter, 17-year-old son George left England, also save soldiers to Dunkirk. Three people continue to deliver the navy (gillian Murphy Cillian Murphy), pilot and tommy line, Collins and fighter pilot ferrell (Tom Hardy Tom Hardy) in are sandwiched between the enemy indomitable fighting the difficult circumstances.

The film tells the story from three perspectives: land, sea and air. Surrounded by the German army, everyone has to fight for their own fate, so that they may come home alive.

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