The Big Bang Theory Season 8|2014

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At the end of the last season, Leonard (Johnny Gail grams, Johnny Galecki) and petunia (kelly library ke Kaley Cuoco closed their deals) announced their engagement, they and Shelton (Jim Parsons Jim Parsons) to let him out of the apartment, and her girlfriend Amy suggested Shelton cohabitation, Shelton frightened by it. Meanwhile, their favorite comic book store was hit by a fire. Shelton found it hard to accept the changes in his life and went away. More than a month later, what happens to Sheldon’s journey across the American continent?

In the new season, the lives of other leading characters have also changed. Penny gave up her acting career and stepped into the drug market, and she and bernadette would be colleagues. Howard’s biggest worry was that his mother was living with Stewart, the comic book owner. When will bachelor rajesh find a girlfriend?

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