The Big Bug|2018

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Li jinshui was an ordinary young man with no ideal, timid, and muddling along. In order to raise medical bills for his sick mother, he went to work in a foreign country, but he replaced him with Kim keji, the youngest son of the local first family. Not to think, at this time the golden father seriously ill, the king big brother to fight for the family succession right, to the younger brother everywhere difficult, and to do the harm. Li jinshui fell into crisis again and again, thanks to the help of the police old park to save the danger. Since then, li jinshui and old park have forged deep friendship. At the same time, the family of dongxun, which is hostile to the Kim family, is eager to seize the gold family’s business. Li Jinshui with east dominating daughter good city not dozen don’t clinch a deal, from abandon each other to help each other, in the struggle of the family of two, Li Jinshui kind city break through many obstacles, eventually feel each other’s true feelings, become lovers. Li Jinshui won the friendship and love, truly understand the significance of “man for responsibility and brave”, in order to live up to the good city for their expectations, in order to live up to the old park trust in yourself, Li Jinshui regardless of personal safety, brave with the help of the old park is a collection of Kim’s eldest brother of criminal evidence, to arrest the bad people, but their fall under the calculation of the bad guys.

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