99.9 SEASON II|2018

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In Japan’s criminal case, the chance of being convicted of a crime is 99.9 per cent in a case that is absolutely impossible to overturn, tracking down the remaining 0.1 per cent! Matsumoto will continue to play the main character in the work, and in a negligible 0.1% chance, he will be able to track down his own answers. His co-star is still a shrewd and capable lawyer, and the two will continue to work together to uncover the truth. In addition, the second season will include the addition of former judge yamazaki (kimura). After an internship, she became a judge and resigned as a judge because of a case. One day, she accompanied her friend to the spot law firm, and to insist on the deep-mountain view of the truth from 0.1%. Her former boss, an elite judge, was involved in the case. What is the case with this case? What will be the outcome of the group’s confrontation with this man?

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