Love Education|2017

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YueHuiYing (Sylvia chang) after her mother died, HuiYing greatest desire was buried far in his father’s grave in the country to the city, and her mother was buried in together, the idea that she and her father’s original maternal grandmother (Wu Yanshu) broke out between the great contradiction. The move to the grave became a heart-to-heart relationship with huiying, and it caused a rift between her and her husband, xiao ping (tian zhuang zhuang).

HuiYing daughter Vivian (long d.) television columns journalists, full of curiosity about my grandma past she will be the “family conflicts” on television, show in front of the public, although the jumping-off place is well-meaning, but the whole thing worse eventually becoming a farce. At the same time, Vivian and her boyfriend the affection between Ada (Song Ningfeng) because of the presence of the Ada’s childhood friends and suffered a crisis of confidence, making her peer my grandfather also lonely life for life for a lifetime of maternal grandmother is difficult to express the feeling of closeness.

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