Angels Wear White|2017

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Xiaomi (wen qi) works in a hotel in the scenic area. One day, when the millet on duty, a man with two looks or primary school girls to check in, although all concerns in the heart, but the millet takes more than the less thoughts opened two rooms for them. Later, in the surveillance video, xiaomi sees the man entering two girls’ rooms in the middle of the half-way, and the faintly nervous millet recorded the scene on his mobile phone.

Two girls are named meng xiaowen (zhou meijun), one is zhang xinxin (jiang xinyue), the man is their “father”. After the incident, xiao wen’s mother called the police and found hao jie, a lawyer, hoping the law would give them justice. However, the lack of evidence has kept the suspect from being convicted, and the most crucial evidence is in xiaomi’s hands.

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