Operation Mekong|2016

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On the Mekong river in the golden triangle, a section of the river called “the gate of death”, two Chinese merchant ships were attacked by unidentified men. Before long, the Thai military held a press conference to accuse China of selling drugs. Despite the announcement that the crew had fled, the bodies of 13 Chinese sailors who had been brutally killed were quickly discovered. The audacity of the cases were shocked by the Chinese police, yunnan high drug corps captain just (zhang) was ordered to take special operations team to Thailand, and cooperate with agent new wu (peng) approach. According to the available data, the case was carried out by the big drug Lord, nom DE plume, in the golden triangle. Waxy is greedy, cruel, and bold, a cancer in the Mekong river that is a dangerous transport security. China, Laos and myanmar carried out joint patrols by the three countries in order to bring this rogue rope to law. And gao gang and other people are also in the most dangerous situation, with the loss of the human nature of drug traffickers in a bitter confrontation…

The film is based on a real story.

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