Alifu, the Prince/ss|2017

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The 25 – year – old row bay boy, aliv.As a hair stylist in Taipei, she struggled with the transgender dream and the succession, and her roommate and colleague, Peggy (zhao yi-lan), was T and his best friend.

Transgender Sherry Chen Zhu (l), the management Drag Queen Drag bar, for many years for water electrician Lao wu (Wu Peng serve) have feelings, without micro not considerate take care of him, but Lao wu always just thought that she is the elder brothers.

Civil servants are zhe (zheng) to recognize, boring life, a chance to the generation of class bar, drag unexpectedly became his express the only pipeline pressure, cheating on my girlfriend for many years the piano teacher Angela, perform.

Different groups of sex, different troubles, only the same only – love.

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BD1280 ultra clear Chinese characters

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