Black Mirror Season 4|2017

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“The calis” : Robert (Jesse Plemons) is the technical director of a game company, but is not respected by his colleagues and subordinates because of his cowards. But it did not matter, for at home there was a sweet and wicked secret waiting for him to enjoy.

Angel: marley (rosemary DeWitt) has joined the big angel program to protect her daughter from harm.

“The crocodile” : faced with the mistakes that have been made, is it brave to face, or is it necessary to eliminate all the possibilities that will lead to the secret exposure?

DJ down: will we usher in a better world when the love and separation of people is decided by sophisticated scientific calculations and management software?

“Iron head” : in a world where humans are about to be wiped out by a machine dog, what are you willing to give in order to get the only hope?

“Black museum” : Nina hope (letty, Letitia Wright Wright) into a mysterious and strange museum, where a once everyone is waiting for her with the rare collections.

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