Black Mirror Season 3|2016

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Lacey (blythe Dallas Howard Bryce Dallas Howard) live in a very value personal rating of the world, in this world, you can grade to all the people you meet, their score is higher, the weights of grade to others. Each person’s score determines what kind of life they can live.

Cooper (watts yeah, Russell Wyatt Russell) is a young man like to travel the world, one, tight for the cost of the trip he took part in a game testing work, thought that the income of the job is brought devastating blow to his life.

Simple-hearted introversion boy Kenny (Alex lowther-pinkerton, Alex Lawther) found that his actions are monitored by the actions of others, in order to keep the secret was leaked, Kenny has become a hacker is wanton manipulation of puppet.

Scenic SAN juniper perot, introverted ordinary girl Yorkshire (Mackenzie Davis Mackenzie Davis), met radiant kerry (ancient ancient · ma ba tower lowe Gugu Mbatha – Raw), produced a good relationship between two people.

What are the real enemies of the soldiers who have been implanted with the “perception closed system”?

The infamous speechwriter died, and in the process of investigating the truth, the police stepped into the trap of the hacker.

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