Black Mirror Season 1|2011

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The British mini-series, which is composed of three separate stories, is not directly connected to each other, but it is all about the extreme black humor and irony and the impact of technology on human life.

“God bless my Lord:” prime minister Michael Callow (Rory Kent Kinnear Rory Kinnear) was sleeping emergency telephone office, recall that popular princess royal Susannah was hijacked, exchange conditions put forward by the kidnappers. The prime minister’s attempt to rescue the princess was unsuccessful, and he eventually succumbed to the pressure of a strong social network.

“Fifteen million dollars” : in the future, people who dress in uniform will only communicate through virtual networks, relying on the daily cycle of cycling to earn their living expenses. Unwilling to do the walking dead Bing (Daniel card luxasia Daniel Kaluuya) devoting all his points help was so song Abi (Jessica Brown – Findlay, Jessica Brown – Findlay) on the draft stage, was Abi has became the fact deeply blow.

“All your history” : in an era when everyone has built-in chips, memory images can be searched at any time. The suspicious lawyer Liam (Toby Kebbell) is very sensitive to the relationship between his wife Fi (Jodie Whittaker) and her ex-boyfriend Jonas. His hysterical search for Fi’s disloyalty in the memory of the three men finally led to the fiasco.

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