The Adventurers|2017

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Zhang Dan (liu dehua), who was caught black and black in an operation, was arrested and jailed. Meet who was released from prison after three years, zhang old xiao bao (archilife ning Yang), and the new partnership j.r.cole (shu qi), searching for his years of French detective Pierre (jean Reno) watch stolen.

After a little trial, zhang Dan found a buyer for the treasure — the criminal gang leader kong (zeng zhiwei), who was in love with his father and son. After the reunion, zhang Dan received a new assignment. At the same time, in order to capture zhang Dan’s gang, Pierre persuaded Amber (zhang jingchu), zhang Dan’s hated girlfriend, to join the chase.

From cannes to Prague, cat-and-mouse games across the continent are playing out. After a few brief encounters, zhang Dan’s movements were gradually mastered by Pierre. As the party approached the ultimate goal, zhang Dan’s real plan gradually surfaced…

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