The Mighty Thor|2011

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Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the heir to the eternal state of Asgard. However, because of a rash action, it was nearly an old war, and was exiled to the world by his father, Anthony Hopkins. Thor known in the earth the beauty of the female science jan foster (Natalie Portman Natalie Portman) and her partner, with their help, thor found thatthere with them quake, but at the moment the quake does not belong to him. In order to become king of Asgard, thor’s younger brother, Loki, attempted to set off a bloody storm in the eternal realm. In order to maintain the law of eternity, four of thor’s friends came to the world, and they decided to bring thor back to eternity. At this point, in order to prevent thor from returning to eternity, Loki sent a giant to kill thor. To protect innocent people and their friends, thor sacrificed his life to protect innocent people. Thor’s death breaks the spell of god, and thor is resurrected and repossessed by thor to defeat the giant. At this time, god’s life is at stake, and thor must return to the eternal realm with his friends to maintain the law there…

The film is based on a 1962 comic book by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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