Breaking Bad Season 4|2011

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Story to the fourth quarter, walter (Brian lansdowne Bryan Cranston) and gus (gian carlo ace Percy Giancarlo Esposito) becomes more and more tense, the relationship between the ancient, not only to strengthen the monitoring for walter has also been trying to control Jessie (Aaron Paul Aaron Paul), hope that one day he would be able to replace walter.

Some of the telltale signs that Hank (Dean Norris, Dean Norris) have become suspicious of gus, have exposed walter’s identity several times. Walter has found, to his own murder, he wants to use accumulated savings run away with his family, which thought that huge property was skyler (Anna guen Anna Gunn) is used to protect themselves. Walter was cornered, and there was only one option in front of him, and that was to do whatever it took to get rid of guth.

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