Breaking Bad Season 3|2010

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Story after last season, shortage of money and invasion of cancer is no longer a walter (Brian lansdowne Bryan Cranston) will face hard questions, families on the verge of broken is the real reason of walter was heartache. Due to his wife skyler (Anna guen Anna Gunn) firm determination of the divorce, walter move out from home, moved into a new home, this also for him and the drug (gian carlo ace Percy Giancarlo Esposito) cooperation between created favorable conditions.

In revenge for the death of the picture (Raymond Cruz), two cold-faced killers found Hank (Dean Norris), who was seriously injured after a fierce battle. Facing all gradually out of control, walter feel the unprecedented crisis, especially his new partner, Gail (David costa David bell Costabile), walter understand, once the gale mastered his original manufacturing technique, myself, will soon be ancient.

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