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Northeast of the 1930 s, in a luxury hotel called the “peace hotel”, a group of mysterious guests were blocked, the nation in a closed space, opened up to ten days, 240 hours of life and death game, but also affects the world at that time.

Northeast AoDongCheng bolshoy ussuriysky bandits two take charge of wanda roof ridge, looking for a group of coming into the folk opium paste when the accident to the peace hotel, and met the south iron intelligence agencies distinguished experts Chen Jiaying behavior trace analysis. At the moment, the sheriff, dou shixiao, is trying to find the editor of the peace hotel in order to track down the important evidence film, and order to block the entire peace hotel. Chen Jiaying as latency of the communist party, in order to will be in possession of Japan in the northeast test bacteria weapon evidence film sends out the peace hotel, and breakthrough of the Japanese military police surrounded, so we have to meet once and wanda disguised as husband and wife, from the day the enemy. At the same time, as a microcosm of the world political pattern, the peace hotel for each of the guests are not simple, Japan, Germany, the United States, France, the Soviet union, the middle and the military representatives will co-operate and struggle in the peace hotel.

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