Operation Red Sea|2018

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Off the coast of somalia, China’s merchant ships have been hijacked, and the crew has been jailed. The jiaolong commandos were able to cope, infiltrate the merchant ship, and rescue all the hostages.

Voyage home, north Africa republic coup, terrorist groups, along with the rebels into the capital, local overseas Chinese at risk, the navy warship command from a superior to change course, to the evacuation mission. The jiaolong commando eight, ready to go.

Time is short, be in “evacuation can counter attack, on the contrary, must avoid fire, lest cause diplomatic conflict”, under the broad principles of naval ships and dragon commandos into Iraq, under the harsh environment, with the aid of sea and land, and other equipment, the successful transfer waiting at the dock of overseas Chinese, and after intense encounter, rescue the bus at the consulate of China pursued by terrorists.

However, the situation is not yet over. As the Chinese are being sheltered, the dragon commandos have received news that the Chinese hostages have been hijacked by terrorists. The people were deeply held responsible and carried out the rescue operation without hesitation. The road ahead is rough, and the dragon commandos are about to encounter, far more than the hostage rescue, the terrorist plot is about to surface…

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