Cars 2|2011

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To develop new energy myers earl at the World Cup grand prix racing, each player, in not to lack the piston cup overlord lightning McQueen (Huang Lei dubbing). It turned out that he just back to the town of hot springs, with good elder brothers die (corporate dilettantes), girlfriend Sally to enjoy a happy holiday. Due to the Italian formula farah, high provocation, of course, there are jealous, McQueen finally agreed to attend the World Cup, and with the plate teeth and other friends travel around the world together. The day before the Japanese race die accidentally met the British agent mike missiles and Holly (yao), they are chasing the new trends of a criminal gang. Die by mistake Holly as a coupling agent from the United States of America, which involved in trouble. In the next game, McQueen and ferrari, high competition is intense, at the same time there have been accidental detonation cylinder, die bump into mike and mysterious organization and scene.

Because of this a series of accidents, McQueen and mater friendship shaken, and all this behind-the-scenes boss also revealed true colors…

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Superclear English words.

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