Mermaid in a Manhole|1988

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Japan’s sewers are miasma, dead babies, disgusting smells and objects. There is a mermaid in it.

There is a painter nearby (Shigeru Saiki), who has a penchant for drilling into sewers. Such proclivity is the result of the painter’s childhood witnessing the pollution of the river in his hometown into a dirty sewer. This day he found the mermaid in the sewer. She was injured and was brought home by the painter and kept in the bathtub. But the mermaid’s disease worsened every day. Her body was covered with pustules and maggots, and the pustule was broken, and the long maggots peeped out from the inside, squirming and rotting until the intestines and eyes fell out. The painter helped her to end the pain, dismembered her, and the blood spattered.

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