One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes|2014

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Drama version of “hundreds of thousands of cold joke” in the second quarter, 6 no name of male leading role (ajie) after defeated king bird does not defecate, for their own ridicule explosion energy and cause the earth suffered unprecedented catastrophe, the film version of the story was beginning. In soul relay, actor surprise to the mysterious “between” the narrow, with the help of the mysterious figure rewritten the history of the earth have been destroyed, and return to the past became the hero to save the earth; But something unexpected happened, chaos of time and space, across different dimensions of two dimensional characters in the world of men, men also met the mythical oxidase (treasure wood ZhongYang) and which zha new (mountain), the Snow White princess in the fairy tale rosefinch (orange), and Pinocchio (huang zhen season), in order to reverse the disorder of time and space, they embark on a journey to save the planet again together…

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