Chasing the Dragon|2017

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The film tells the story of two famous characters in Hong Kong’s modern history: the lameness (donnie yen) and the five hundred million detective (Andy lau).

In the 1960s and 1970s, Hong Kong was colonised by the British, corrupt and social. In 1963, the poverty-stricken young hau (zhen zi Dan) smuggled into Hong Kong, holding the heart of “life and death, wealth and prosperity”. With several brothers, he began to lick the blood from the bottom of the city, climbed onto the territory of Hong Kong’s drug lords, and took control of the top ten gangsters in Hong Kong. And lolo (liu dehua) moves from an ordinary detective to the head of the Chinese detective, leading the city’s 30,000 police officers and the “unspoken rules” of Hong Kong’s public security. In order to monopolize the three major economic industries of Hong Kong’s yellow gambling industry, the lame-horse and loreau are sworn brothers, and the two of them are black and white with their hands covering the sky, and the powerful and powerful, the family is a billionaire, and the island of Hong Kong…

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