Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets|2017

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Humans and many alien RACES living together in a group called thousand stars to the prosperous city of alpha star city, for hundreds of years, thousands of star city of alpha become a group of wonderful paradise, the peaceful coexistence of all nationalities its prosperity. Weller Ryan (DE dion Hahn Dane DeHaan) and lowry Lin (Carla di, Cara Delevingne) were choose to become the guardian of the alpha, both of them is the guard of the executive, was appointed to intercept a rare items. This rare object is mysteriously bound up with a rare group that should have disappeared decades ago. Then they came to the great city of thousands of star alpha city, then their commander Arun Filitt (Clive OuWenShi) in the command center was kidnapped, the pair began to realize that the hands of unusual value of the item. The two pursued the killer and found themselves in a ferment of interstellar events…

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