It: Chapter One|2017

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In 1989, the city of Delhi, in Maine, was shrouded in terror. Since the beginning of the previous year, the disappearance of children has occurred successively, it seems that some terrible unknown exists quietly in the middle of people. The teenager Billy (jayden Lieberher) decides to spend the summer looking for his brother, George, with Eddie, Ricky and Stanley. Not long after, the little boy who was bullied by the bad guys, the bad girl Beverly, and her parents, who died in the fire, were joined by mike, an orphaned child who had died in the fire. In the process, they experienced a series of supernatural experiences. The teenagers found that the number of unnatural deaths in this cursed city soared every 27 years. A grinning clown (Bill Skarsgard), digging deep into the hearts of everyone, digging up their worst fears…

The film is based on Stephen king’s book of the same name.

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