Monster Hunt 2|2018

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On a set and hu, respectively, after days of shadow (jingboran) with a small LAN (white best why to act the role ofing), on the road to find father in kwan tai tianshi open main YunDaGe (archilife ning Yang), with the help of two days learned that song dai Yin father protect demon track; And back on the wing ning tsuen ba hu again by the lich king, drift from place to place while fleeing met big gamblers tu four valley (Tony leung) and a monster, three people lived together together, but because of the tu four valley owe huge gambling debts, which might bring about a lot of twists and turns. At the same time, the rivers and lakes, the banshee wang huba’s heavy gold, the demon world army, tianshi elite, the green forest mang, the various forces for the looting of huba in qingshui town. At the close of the moment, the heart of the sky and the small arashi found the huba through the temple and fled the danger together. What, a larger-than-life conspiracy to follow, waiting to move…

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