Despicable Me|2010

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Super villain gru (Steve caril Steve Carell) dissatisfaction after hearing about the Egyptian pyramids are stolen news on the market the new thief, is decided in the method of Dr Leo (Russell Brand Russell Brand) built with the help of rocket steal the moon. In the process of lending to the bad bank, gru steals the shrink ray gun from the new thief, victor (Jason Segel). To retake shrink ray gun, gru decided to adopt three orphans, margot (Miranda kass graff Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana guy Dana Gaier) and o grace (Elsie Fisher Elsie Fisher), use them to sell cookies victor’s castle opportunity to steal, after the success of the plan to secretly get rid of three children. However, in the ordinary daily life, gru finds himself more and more inseparable from these three imps, but such emotional use will seriously affect the meticulous plan of the month of theft…

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