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Arrow is an adaptation of DC’s longevity comic. The billionaire Oliver Queen has suffered a serious cruise ship accident. He was found alive five years after his disappearance. When he returned to the metropolis, he was warmly welcomed by his family and friends. The island experience gave Oliver a double test of spirit and body, trying to hide his true self in front of the crowd and trying to make up for the mistakes his father had made in the city. During the day, he was still a rich man, but at night he was the “arrow” of justice. But Quentin, the father of former girlfriend Laurel, has decided to arrest the man, who doesn’t play the CARDS, to keep the city safe. In the dark there was a dark force approaching him. Arrow season 2 starts shooting in July 2013.Longevity and adaptation of the DC comics “green arrow man” in the second quarter will be broadcast on October 9, 2013, the new villain will appear, including Isabel Rochev (summer – grau), Brother “(Kevin alex ZhanZhuo), Bronze Tiger (Michael – and – white), Al – Owal (” homeland security” actor navier DE overtime) and Sin (” murder “actor backus Taylor – Klaus), etc.Stephen amell and Katie cassidy of the CW hit the green arrow. The two were an old flame in the play, but they broke up for a variety of reasons. Hero matchs beauty so trite collocation does not appear in the play, but the sublimation for precious little hero “hero” – Kitty play Laurel green arrow spiderman ex-girlfriend, surface in the play is a female lawyer not bow to the evil forces of justice, but in fact is super heroine “Black Canary” Black Canary. As the saying goes, men and women work together without fatigue. So do heroes and heroines.

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