City of Rock|2016

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After the outbreak of the Pacific war in 1941, the jinpu railway crossing the shandong province became one of the most important strategic communications lines in the Chinese mainland. Of nanjing-chuxian section on jin-pu railway zaozhuang rail section of surrounding, designed by the active with a folk in the anti-japanese guerrillas, the guerrillas is mainly composed of several railway workers of a railway station in zaozhuang, the captain called the Netherlands, porters foreman is the railway station. They work day in the management of the Japanese occupation and the railway station, the night out secret activities, familiar with the use of a railway line and special skills of the train, drive train, with a small guerrilla units deal with a large number of well-equipped Japanese army battle, caused very big impact, the local people to the team up a resounding brand, called the flying tigers.

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