City of Rock|2017

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“Sewing machine band” is the second director of dapeng, which continues the story of the little man’s dream, and tells the story of a group of interesting rock fans helping the town set up the music dream.

Hu liang (qiao shan), a small town, is the patron of the hometown rock park, and the high salary invited music agent cheng gong (dong chengpeng) to organize a concert. Finally set the drummer – explosive (li), bassist – jian-guo ding (na firm), guitarist – Yang Shuangshu (tongsheng han), keyboard player – Mr Bush (QuJuan bush) formed the band “the” sewing machine, performance planning, local real estate tycoon for demolition of the park as soon as possible, to pay a high price to force palace cancel. In the face of high temptations and music dreams, where does cheng gong go? Can the rock and roll parks of rock and roll be preserved, and where is the rock ‘n’ roll dream?

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