X-Men Origins: Wolverine|2009

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In 1845, is still young victor and James brothers in elder awakened in a sudden conflict between their own potential, then suddenly killed a strange father, James since then brothers two people on the battlefield, they with the raise of the retaining and beast talent war of cuhk conscience at all times, until he met history major trek, and joined the power of special forces. James (Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman) soon tired of killing for the weak person, left the team and victor (Levi sheri boulder Liev Schreiber), and his girlfriend keira seclusion in the mountains, and made a woodcutter. Six years later, James surprised smell of former teammates are killed, and killer is brother victor, even keira was near her, angry James and trek, history of cooperation, will own body modification, become the “king kong Wolf” steel. After the wolverine is out of military control, it vows to kill victor and stryker for revenge…

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