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This is not any chapter in the journey to the west. It is the story of goku, when sun wukong (Eddie peng) is not the Monkey King that shocked heaven and earth. The heaven destroyed his mountain of flowers in order to control the fate of all living beings, and he resolved to fight the heaven and destroy all the commandments. Encountered in the heaven, the Monkey King cannot love of purple (NiNi), the life of the enemy Yang Jian (shawn yue), and miss former lover month (Zheng Shuang) canopy (hao), slay their identity is doomed to eternal life, but not at the mercy of fate sun wukong again not alone? But I did not expect that rebellion would bring about a greater havoc. What do they do, whether it is the high blood of the earth, or the helpless despair of a desperate fate? Is fate really doomed? Wukong is not satisfied, he waved the staff again, to let all the buddhas vanish!

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