Rise of the Planet of the Apes|2011

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To be able to return to normal life, the father of suffering from alzheimer’s disease, William Roman (James Franco James Franco), has been committed to the development of gene drugs, called “Cure” and the drug trial in chimpanzees. While the company has lost confidence, will continues to experiment at home and succeed in a gorilla named Caesar. With the help of the primatologist Caroline (Freida Pinto), will found that Caesar’s intelligence was greatly improved. However, the human society was never able to accept Caesar, who had a very high intellect, and Caesar was sent to the orangutan nursing home. The cruelty of the nursing home made Caesar use his wits to fight, and eventually rescued the other orangutans, who were also imprisoned, and used the Cure. A group of highly intelligent orangutans fought against the human race. The film was nominated for the best visual effect at the 84th Academy Awards.

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