Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest|2006

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Charming captain jack (Johnny Depp) is back, this time, he met with more powerful enemies – the legendary undead David Jones (bill nighy), he let a person fear of “the flying Dutchman” clippers, on speed and equipment, no ship can surpass it. Captain jack Jones owed a blood, he must finish before the deadline, find a way to crack, otherwise he will always carry blood, and the rest of my life will always be a slave to Jones.

Of course, captain jack’s good friend will Turner (Orlando bloom) is also involved in his bad luck. Because jack, will and Elizabeth (keira knightley) were forced to cancel their wedding, Elizabeth was put in prison by the royal navy, and will had to find jack to save her.

The two friends met the great mystery of sea monsters, friendly native island, no color gorgeous Nostradamus derma, weill long-lost father — “bootstrap” bill Turner (zittrain, kass lagarde) bizarre appearance at crucial moments, as the turning point of the global…

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