Brotherhood of Blades|2014

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When emperor chongzhen ascended the throne, the eunuch wei zhongxian (jin shijie) and his “eunuchs” were destroyed. The three sworn brothers, lu jianxing (wang qianyuan), shen lian (zhang zhen) and jin yichuan (li dongxue), are the most courageous and upright. Eldest brother Lu Jianxing to promotion hundred households, Shen Lian for teaching fang company for prostitutes Zhou Miaotong (Cecilia liu) freedom, three younger brother JinYiChuan to get rid of the ronin Ding Xiu (yiwei zhou), three brothers decided to accept this factory east Zhao Jingzhong (NieYuan) after wei chung-hsien covert operations. Action that three people were wei chung-hsien adopted daughter Wei Ting (by) lead block, a former HouWei zhong xian body was brought back to, Lu Jianxing achieve promotion hundred households, thought three people wish to achieve, but didn’t expect Shen Lian to hide a big secret, and caused the minister Han Kuang (li-xin zhao) doubt. Since then, all three brothers have been faced with the danger of life. Shen lian finally told the truth, but it was too late, and she was implicated in both the woman (ye qing) and zhou yu-tong. In the face of crisis, shen is determined to leave the capital with his brother and lover, and the court is in a corrupt state.

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