Kingsman: The Golden Circle|2017

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Time flies, while, egger west (tarun girton Taron Egerton) has grown to a good and reliable agents, he and Mr Thibault DE princess (Hanna al storm Hanna Alstrom) the affection between also more and more strong, two people watched will walk down the aisle together hand in hand. At this point, a former agent Charlie (Edward holkeri rove, Edward Holcroft) kill back, now he plays for a drug cartel, named “golden circle” organization head wave ratio (Julianne Moore Julianne Moore) is an evil and ambitious woman.

Charlie found out all of kingsmann’s strongholds and destroyed them with missiles. The surviving agcy and merlin (Mark Strong) travel far to the United States to seek help from federal agents lurking there. Poppy planted a poisonous weed that transported them all over the world, and when the poison in the drug addicts began to attack, bobby used it as a weapon to officially declare war on the government.

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