Kingsman: The Secret Service|2015

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Harry (Colin Firth Colin Firth) is a member of the British secret agent organization kingsman, an operation, his comrades killed, harry will be a badge and a phone number to the fellow young son Edgar west (Alex nico’s Alex Nikolov), telling him if had any trouble in the future can call this number, however, the chance can be used only once.

A anti seventeen years in the past, broken homes to Edgar west (tarun girton Taron Egerton) growth to a small bludger, doing nothing all day long, because the violation of traffic rules is arrested Edgar west USES the precious number, came under the appearance of etam west cynicism harry found his good nature and high talent, so, harry decided to Edgar west train to become a new kims mann, they need to confront is powerful and evil billionaire valentine (Samuel Jackson, Samuel l. Jackson).

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