Wolf Warriors|2015

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In the hunt for drug traffickers in southern xinjiang, snipers from special forces (wu jing) defied orders from his superiors and shot and killed his fellow soldier, wuji (zhou xiaogull). This action makes a cold front was confined to the military and even forced to veterans, but the elite special forces of super special forces to fight the Wolf squadron squadron long xiao yun (male), but very appreciate this aggressive and business perfect bloody man, so it in their own ranks. In a recent exercise, the cold front, with cool judgment, pulled a city from the old one and successfully fought off the sudden Wolf pack. The Wolf was attacked by a group of armed men who were not prepared. His brother, minden (ni da hong), is a ruthless international wanted man who keeps a large army of skilled mercenaries.

In order to avenge his brother, minden sent mercenaries to the cold front…

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