Saw III|2006

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The “jigsaw” (Tobin Bell Tobin Bell) and Amanda, the new apprentice, are missing, and the police are searching all over the city.

One night, however, had just finished value the late shift female doctor llane, darren (Bach, the monk Bahar Soomekh) were kidnapped and woke up in a panic llane, found himself bound in an abandoned the empty house, roommates and the other a hapless victim Jeff (aengus McAfee’s Angus Macfadyen). At this point, the jigsaw was bedridden and dying, and she was told that she and Jeff would die unless she could save the madman’s life before the death game was completed.

In order to survive, the nervous nelly, who suffered a lot of stress, tried to keep the last breath of the jigsaw. But she never imagined that the killers had a more terrible plan to kill — and that would be the death of the infamous “jigsaw”. The ultimate death game is about to begin…

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