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Unscrupulous developers father-son Xu Dafu (Shen Teng) and Xu Tianyu (YueYunPeng) a thought for the luxury residential buildings in CBD in a shabby house “of guifang” property rights, there are still four households within the MOE guifang geek don’t want to move out – offering Wang Baojian (Zhang Yi) and his son chicken (Li Yihang), folk inventor couple ju-hua li (papi) and gold (Pan Binlong), web celebrity anchor binh (junyan jiao), and a gangster, ren (alex) and idi amin (cheng yixun).

One dark night, strange things have happened, zombie, zombie and vampire baron, red female the ghost followed, the panic “left-behind geek” river called “universal master”, please ring the bell elder sister (kongs) to help them to resolve a crisis, have never thought the bell elder sister brought a bigger trouble…

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