The Shape of Voice|2016

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Niko, who is born with a hearing impairment and is dependent on hearing AIDS to communicate with the outside world, is also a particular eccentric. Junior high school, glass into a new school, special physical defects to let her become the compelling unique existence in the class, she gains a solid friendship, but also suffered with boys ishida will also (into the wild free), led by the clique of isolation and exclusion. As time went on, the inadvertent or intentional mischief gradually escalated and eventually became an irreparable harm, and the niko disappeared forever in the eyes of the people.

Exclude glass things after exposure, will also become the object of the next to be bullied, he finally understand the lonely pain nitrate patience and gentleness, he just didn’t have a chance to apologize to glass anymore. Once in a chance, will also meet with the nitro, the fate of the gears began to turn.

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