Beauty and the Beast|2017

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Belle (Emma Watson Emma Watson) and other girl in town, is a love of reading and fantasy girl, puissant handsome strong Gaston (Luke Evans, Luke Evans) vowed to marry belle, but belle is seen through his selfishness, and hypocrisy, refused to do it. One day, belle’s father morris (Kevin Kline Kevin Kline) lost under the mistake came to a desolate rundown castle, there lived looks terrible half-human beast beast Stevens (Dan Dan Stevens).

Because he had stolen the roses planted in the castle, morris was imprisoned by the wild animals, and when he learned of the news, belle rushed to the castle and demanded an exchange with her father. In this way, belle began to live with the beast. In talking Mrs. Teapot (Emma Thompson, Emma Thompson), candlestick lumiere Ewan McGregor (Ewan McGregor) and clock cogsworth (Ian McLean Ian McKellen) under the care and help, belle gradually found that wild animals under the ugly appearance, hiding a heart of docile gentleness. In fact, the true identity of the beast was a prince, reduced to this by the curse of the sorceress, and belle, the last and only hope of the end of the curse.

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