This Is Not What I Expected|2017

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An accident to the ordinary chef gu shengnan (zhou dongyu) met the boss lu jin (jin chengwu). , lu jin at the Gu Sheng male in the hotel, in did not know each other’s true identity, Gu Sheng male a “witch” soup conquered the road jin captious taste buds, a cook and a diner, two people under the coupling of food produced wonderful fate.

The insomnia of the road jin is increasingly serious, once by chance, he found himself unexpectedly in gu sheng the sofa of the man’s home is fast asleep, from now on, this sofa became his exclusive bed. Over time, in a meal, gu sheng and lu jin gradually developed an uncomprehending relationship. However lu jin grew up under the father of rigid and autocratic education, Gu Sheng male woman.she always all hands, different personality and identity of their repressed emotions, which gives birth to a lot of misunderstanding.

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